Mission Bay High School
Mission Bay High School

High School Class Reunion

High School class reunion is a great opportunity to meet up with former classmates.  Typically, reunions are organized at or near their former school by one or a group of the class members on or around an anniversary of their graduation.  Most reunions are between 5, 10, 25, or 50 years later. High school class reunions reunite old friends and bring back great memories from the past. 
High School Jobs

Juggling high school and part-time jobs is a tough act. Your parents demand good grades, your social life demands cash and you demand a decent sleep. Somewhere in the middle, there's a happy medium.  Part-time jobs are great if you’re looking for some extra cash or it can be great experience-building stepping stone. 

When searching for a job, use the helpful tips below that will help you get a high school job.
High School Sports

High school is a time to make friends, get good grades, participate in activities and prepare for the future. High school sports give students the ability to perform at optimum academic levels and develop into a well-rounded adult.

Participating in high school sports is important for motor skill development, maintaining a healthy exercise program and provides for a release of anger when the academic stressors become overwhelming

High School Sports enables the entire school to come together, whether playing, or observing, to cheer for their school. If your child is having difficulty making friends encourage them to join a high school activity.  The increased interest in sports generally results in increased enjoyment in academics, resulting in better overall test scores and grades.
Look for a job description that matches your personality, and when you apply, emphasize the traits that make you perfect for the job.

The best way to get the necessary skills is to start at the bottom. Look for companies that actively promote from within.
Talk about your transferable skills: skills like communication, teamwork and organization that are valuable in almost any part-time job.
Students have the option of taking high school online classes to receive additional high school credits that can be applied towards graduation. Students can also choose to complete their entire high school education online through an online high school.  Online high schools allow students to work at their own pace, so motivated students that want to graduate early can complete their online courses much faster than in the traditional high school setting.
Credit Recovery

High schools offer credit recovery programs to students that need to re-take a class through alternative options.  Students that participate in their school's high school credit recovery program will be able to avoid failure and earn academic credit towards their high school diploma. Many schools have turned to online credit recovery programs and no longer offer summer school as an option. 

Online credit recovery programs vary across school districts.  Students may work through an online program during school hours and under the guidance of a teacher or they may work at their own pace after school hours with little oversight. In some cases, students may have video conversations or chat with teachers and support specialists who monitor progress and provide feedback and necessary tutoring.
College Financial Aid

If you plan to pursue a post-secondary education after high school then you’ll want to learn more about your financial aid options.  Students that attend a community college, 4-year college, or trade school have the opportunity to earn a Pell Grant or other student loans that will help them pay for their education.  If you need extra money for college then you will want to learn more about your financial aid options. 
High School Graduation / High School Diploma

High school is an important time for many, but having a high school diploma is even more important.  A high school diploma will improve the chances of young adults receiving a higher income and improving their overall standard of living. If you want to graduate high school early, there are options available both online and in the traditional school setting that can help you receive your high school diploma faster than most. 
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